MISS Spektrum

Muscle weakening procedures

  • MISS recession: a muscle is detached and reattached more posteriorly
  • MISS faden: at the equator of the eye the muscle is attached to the eye globe
  • MISS tenotomy / myotomy: the tendon / muscle is cut
  • MISS tenectomy / myectomy: part of the tendon / muscle is removed

Muscle strengthening procedures

  • MISS resection: a muscle is reattached more anteriorly after removing a part
  • MISS tucking: a muscle is folded
  • MISS advancement: a muscle is detached and reattached after moving more anteriorly

MISS transpositions:

  • muscles are displaced to generate new force vectors

MISS adjustable sutures:

  • muscles are reattached in a way that allows postoperative adjustment